Tips For Better Sex: Leave Women Begging For More!

Congratulations, you improved your life, maybe hit the gym, became the best damn man you can possibly become and now you have attracted a woman into your life. Now what? How can you give this woman the greatest fucking sex she has ever had in her entire life? It is honestly not that hard, and you don’t need to give her 25 orgasms within half an hour to ensure you are pleasing her. Follow these steps and you will guarantee yourself and her the best sex you can ever  have.

1. Confidence Is Key 

   No woman wants to sleep with a man who is unsure about his ability to satisfy a woman in bed. Step into the heat of the moment like you’re the baddest motherfucker shes ever met. Let her think you will show her a time nobody else could. It doesn’t matter if you have slept with 3 woman in your life or 50, the confidence you bring in the bedroom will make you feel better and make her feel wetter. If you are currently struggling with confidence it’s time to work on some self esteem issues. Find the root of your problem. If you feel like you can be stronger, hit the gym. If you think you are too ugly try a new haircut, or try growing some facial hair. If you cant find a solution or there is no solution in existence then it’s time to adopt a “fuck it” mentality. So what if you are too short, too fat, too skinny, too broke? Fuck it, you are who you are. Women will never fuck a man who is unsure of himself. So be cool, confident and dare I say even slightly cocky. Fake it till you make it.

2. Take Control  

        99.99% of women love the feeling of being dominated in bed. She loves a man who knows how to handle her, take control and lead in the bedroom. Dominating a woman doesn’t necessarily mean you need to tie her up and spank her till she begs to stop, although that can be hot. Dominating women in the bedroom starts with the balls to initiate sex,  unapologetically and without fear of failure. A strong man goes after whatever it is he wants. When you fuck her, fuck her like you own her, have her go on her knees for you. You decide the position that she is to assume. If she’s walking around the house in her panties, stop her in your tracks randomly, bend her over and let her know you can take her anytime, anywhere, she is your woman after all and you are the leader.

3. Get Out Of Your Head 

   When having sex with women, one of the worst things anyone can do is to worry and or let the mind wander. Sex is the one time two people get to forget about the world and enjoy eachother’s presence. Stop thinking about if you are pleasing her, or whether she thinks your penis size is good, or even if you are thinking about your ex girlfriend while pumping away, just STOP. Get out of your damn head and live in the moment. We have so much on our minds constantly, sex should be one of the times where we shut off our minds and let our bodies do whatever the hell they desire (within consensual agreement of course). Instead focus on how she makes you feel, how sexy she looks when the two of you do it, and the other nasty nasty things you are about to do to her.

4.  Find Out About Her Sexual Fantasies and Desires

     This tip comes straight from my girlfriend who says that her biggest problem is that men don’t pay much attention to the fantasies and desires of women. Gentleman ,Women like men have wants and needs in bed. Communicate with her and ask her what she enjoys. If she likes something a certain way, or if she has a certain fetish or fantasy she wants to try then go ahead and do it. If you are too much of a pussy then you need to find yourself a new woman, or you might as well wank off because no woman would want to sleep with you. Keep an open mind, listen to her needs and fulfill them. Find out her freakiest desires and make it your purpose to make those dreams turn into reality. DO Not make it solely about yourself. Sex is done with ,more than one person so find out what the other person is into and apply that to your sex life.

5. Don’t Make Sex Just Vaginal Intercourse

    Many men like to jackhammer women for 90 seconds, cum, and then do a gator roll and fall asleep. There is so much more to sex than just vaginal intercourse. Men, I know you all love a good blowjob, well surprise, women love oral sex as well. Learn how to eat her out like a pro. Pay special attention to the clitoris . There is literally no other purpose of a woman’s clitoris than for pleasure. Rub it, lick it. Many women do not have orgasms from intercourse alone so learn how to make her orgasm through oral or manual clitoris stimulation. Bonus tip, give her the satisfaction of a good orgasm after she has satisfied you to let her know what a good girl she’s been. Women love being rewarded for pleasing their man so do it.

There you have it gentleman. The different ways to have better sex. Follow these tips and you will always get a call back , keep your girlfriend satisfied, or just show a woman a good time for a single night. As always Good luck on your endeavors and crush every single fucking goal you possibly have !

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