5 Best Supplements To Improve Your Workout Routine

Supplements are a huge factor when working out and improving your physique. Keep in mind supplements are meant to give you a boost to the hard work you already are putting in. Supplements alone will not give you your desired results. However, consistency coupled with hard work will make these supplements work to it’s greatest advantage. These five supplements will lay the basic foundation that is necessary for you to unlock your body’s greatest potential.

1. Multi Vitamins 

   A good multi vitamin is the most important foundation for your stack of supplements. Multi Vitamins have a myriad of health benefits from better energy, faster recovery, and even stronger bones and joints. When working out, you are stressing your body and let’s be honest. Not everyone eats completely healthy all the time. In order to guarantee that our body is receiving the essential vitamins and minerals needed to preform optimally you need a good multi vitamin. While using multi vitamins, you perhaps will not notice a very drastic difference in performance. The change is subtle, however it is necessary for anyone working out or not. Take multi vitamins with a meal, preferably the first meal of the day.

2. Fish Oil 

   Fish oil contains a fatty acid known as Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help improve testosterone, help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, and improve your recovery time. Studies  also show that Omega 3 can aid in the physical declining in age. Fish oil comes in the form of both pills and pure oil. The easiest way to consume this supplement is through a pill which you should be having with a meal. It takes approximately 8 weeks of consistent use to see improvements in your health.

3. Creatine 

   Creatine is one of the most popular supplements that surround the fitness industry. Creatine is shown to increase muscle size, power, and strength. If you are looking to build muscle, creatine is the perfect supplement for you. Recent studies show that creatine given to older individuals increased their lean muscle and muscle function. This study also was proven to show little to no adverse side effects that would cause any harm to the participants of the study. With creatine you an either take creatine monohydrate or creatine hydro chloride. Both with give you similar results, however the preference is up to you. With creatine monohydrate, you must begin with a “loading phase”. The loading phase would mean you take about 20 grams of creatine for 10 days, and then following that lowering the dosage to 3-4 grams. Creatine Monohydrate also will tend to make you hold more water, so you will see an increase in water weight on this product. Creatine Hydro chloride on the other hand requires no loading phase and it will not bloat you and hold water in your muscles as the monohydrate typically would.

4. Pre-Workout

    Pre Workout is a fantastic supplement to add to your workout routine for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it contains a compound known as Beta Alanine. Beta Alanine works by  increasing the carnosine levels in your body. Carnosine is a molecule in your body that helps lower fatigue during hard exercise. Therefore adding Beta Alanine to your supplment stack will help you push harder through your workouts. You can tell the Beta alanine is working when during your workout, you feel a tingling sensation on your hands and face. This tingling is not harmful and shouldn’t be anything to be worried about. The second key ingredient in your typical pre workout is caffeine. Caffeine is king when it comes to working out. It increases energy and motivation. If weight loss is your goal, caffeine is proven to also increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Add a pre workout to your next workout session and you will see how much harder you cna push through and smash your workout.

5) Protein Powder

Protein powder is key for building a great physique. It comes loaded with protein , little to no carbohydrates , and packed with amino acids . Amino acids help you recover quicker, so it is essential to add protein to your nutrition plan. If your goal is to gain weight , taking an extra 1-2 scoops of protein can help you reach your caloric intake. If your goal is to lose weight however , then you can use protein to supplement as a light , low carbohydrate snack which keeps you satiated and from over eating .

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