How to Become a Leader

Leaders. We see them all the time , in sports , at work , in politics . You’re probably wondering what makes a good leader , and you’re probably also sick and tired of following in someone’s footsteps . Let’s get two things clear. You don’t have to be born as a leader, sure there are some who are , but leaders are made , through experience and hard work. Secondly , leaders don’t have to be the boss at a job , or in the workplace , leaders can work in low positions as well . Being a leader doesn’t mean yelling at coworkers or subordinates till you see a change . It’s about having the right strong mindset so people will be inclined to follow you . Follow these steps and people will follow you , let’s get started.

Take initiative

If you and your coworkers , classmates , or whoever you’re with find themselves in a problem , take the initiative to try and solve it . Be observant and keen in your problem solving . Most people are afraid to stand up and take responsibility during a problem . People will follow you even if your idea fails mostly because you were brave enough to execute a plan to begin with . So take the initiative, implement steps to find solutions to problems , and people will naturally gravitate towards your lead.

Be Brave in The Face of Danger

To expand on the aforementioned tip of taking initiative , you must make sure you are brave in the face of danger as well. You cannot take initiative if you cower in fear when a problem arises. People are less likely to take your lead . Be confident in the choices you make and show no fear regardless of how much you feel it . When you are confident in the choices you make and are afraid of no obstacle , people assume you have it all figured out , regardless if in fact you do or do not .

Lead By Example

We’ve all had people yell at us , a boss , a coworker . This is no way to have people want to follow you. Yelling at someone just decreases their morale and motivation to put in the effort. Instead lead by example . Put in the work with your workers , your peers and they will be more inclined to work by your side . Being a leader means getting your hands dirty and showing everyone how it’s done . Next time you find yourself in a situation where people aren’t working correctly or to their full potential , indirectly show them the correct way by doing what needs to be done yourself .

Ask Questions

Another way to improve leadership skills and become the leader you want to be is to ask questions that benefit both you and your teammates. When they aren’t working to their full potential, ask what is hindering them , what can you improve for them that would make them work more efficiently . Showing care and taking responsibility in situations like these show that you give a shit about what your teammates and coworkers feel. Constantly help them and they in return will help you .

Becoming a leader takes time. If you want to become the best leader you possibly can be and have people trust where you take them takes dedication. Use these skills daily and they will soon become second nature. Good luck and kick some ass!

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