How To Learn Any Skill

With today’s society always on their phones , playing video games , and watching television , we’ve slowly lost the art of mastering a skill. There’s been too many times when I ask people what their favorite hobbies are and they reply “Hanging out with friends” or “watching tv”. Learning new skills and transforming them into hobbies will make your life more interesting , and who knows, you might discover your passion along the way . So get off your ass and pick up a new skill. I will be introducing the three stages of apprenticeships to demonstrate how we can use these techniques to learn any skill you desire.

1. The Observing Stage

This is the foundation upon which any skill set is gained . You must first observe and watch a master at whatever skill you desire . Watch them , be very keen and observant while doing so . Let’s say you wish to learn how to shoot a basketball . Watch videos of Micheal Jordan shooting a basketball. Watch how he shoots , how is arms are placed , how he jumps , at what angle he shoots from , how he follows through with his shot . Or maybe you have a friend who is really good at cooking and you too wish to cook . Watch this person as they are cooking . What techniques are they using , what ingredients is this person using together in a certain dish , how does he or she plate his food . Before you can get into any skill , observe a master . This also helps because you create inside yourself a deep need to succeed . You’ve seen someone better than you , now you desire to be even greater. Take the time out to watch the masters in their skills, then it would be time for stage 2.

2.The Practice Stage

This Stage is perhaps the hardest of all stages . This is where you put in the work , the countless hours , where you leave all the blood , sweat , and tears for the world to see . You must be consistent over a long period of time . That’s where success sparks . You can’t practice a skill for 30 days and suddenly master it . True greatness isn’t derived from that. What separates the greats from the people who are merely good is the time that each person put at perfecting their craft. Ask anyone who is accomplished at anything how long they worked to achieve what they wanted . I promise you they will tell you it was countless hours. In Malcom Gladwell’s book “Outliers” he describes that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at any skill . 10,000 hours . If you practice 2 hours a day , technically it would take you roughly about 210 days to become a master in said skill .

3. The Active Stage

At this point you’ve already become really fucking good at whatever it is you’re doing . However to become a master there is one final step . You must actively use this skill to benefit other people . Let’s say you learned an instrument , you can perhaps teach other people . Or if you got into bodybuilding, you can become a personal trainer . Perhaps you aren’t a great teacher , you can alternatively take another route into monetizing your skill. If you’re skill is short story writing , start writing stories and publishing them . If you got into cooking , perhaps take a job as a cook or open your own restaurant, the possibilities are endless. Actively use this skill in aspects of your life in a way that you do not forget said skill and helps other people.

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