How To Live More Passionately

How To Live  More Passionately

(The Key Ingredient For a Greater Life)


         Picture the average man. He comes back from work, he sits down on his couch, watches television , eats dinner, watches more television and then goes to sleep to do it again the next day. Now this is the average man. Chances are if you are reading this blog you do not want to be average, you want to be the greatest damn version of yourself you can possibly be. What separates the average man from the great man is the passion with which the great men live with. Great men put 100 percent effort in whatever they are doing or accomplishing. They do not half ass it. If they truly want something, they become passionate , or adopt passion as a tool to increase their likelihood of success.  Passion has the power to truly transform your life. However we cannot simply just live with more passion. A common mistake is applying passion simply to one aspect of your life, hence leaving your life unbalanced. In this post I will be discussing how to evenly distribute passion among the most important parts of your life, and why it is important to do so.


What is Passion?


   Before we can dive into the ways passion can transform your life we must first understand what passion is. Passion is that eagerness you have towards something you truly desire. Passion is an emotion, something that drives you, makes you never want to quit. Passion is honing a skill, crafting it and perfecting it day in and day out without rest. A chef will never be a chef without a passion to cook, without a passion for tastes, smells and sights for different foods. The bodybuilder cannot be the greatest he can be without passion for lifting weights, dieting , and getting up on stage and posing. Many people become stuck when they want to become successful and they don’t try anything because they haven’t “found their passion yet”. Well I say that’s a bunch of whiney nonsense. If passion is an emotion, then you always have it. Passion is not a certain hobby or skill you can find, Passion is a tool to master certain areas of your life. Forcing yourself to become passionate will exponentially transform your life.



 Introducing the Passion Triangle 

Untitled drawing (1)



            Displayed above is what I call the Passion Triangle. It shows the three main areas you must give passion to in your life. These areas are Relationships, Hobbies, and Career/Life goals and aspirations. If you want to live a better life, this triangle must be used as a model for how you live your life. Be passionate in all three of these areas, but not just in one. If you are focusing too much on your relationship with your best friend for instance, then you do not have any passion left for your Hobbies or your Life aspirations regarding your career choice. Same goes for your if you are too focused on your career. If that’s the case, then your relationships in your life will become less meaningful, and you will begin neglecting your hobbies. The objective is to become balanced.

   Use the triangle to find a way to have a synergistic effect on each area of the triangle. Meaning, you should have each area of the triangle improving the others.  For example you take up a hobby, which might be painting. Think of the various ways you can use this hobby to improve the other aspects of your life. Perhaps take the time out to show your friends how to paint, or paint a picture for a relative. Regarding your career, painting can bring in some income if you put your mind to it. Maybe if you work at a job where you are bored, painting will make you more creative thus offering fun new ways to solve problems and handle tasks at work.  




      Being more passionate about the relationships in your life will make you more happy. Relationships take the form as family, friends, significant others, and coworkers. When interacting with any of these people in your life, make it your goal to fully engage with them, to truly listen to them, offer them value, and most importantly enjoy their presence. Doing this will not only make you more happy but make you more attractive as a person. Find out why this person is in your life, give them meaning. Set out to make the people in your life feel special. Be caring, thankful and honest. Passion with the people in your life consists of how well you can help others while letting others help you.  However do not just focus on your relationships as the only thing in your life. Begin thinking about how the relationships in your life impact the other areas of the Passion triangle. For example, being with a woman you love shouldn’t make you swoon in her arms and worship her because you love her and make her your sole purpose of your life. Instead, discover the ways the women or woman in your life can inspire you to take up interesting hobbies and improve your career goals. Let’s say you meet a girl who motivates you. Use this to become a better version of yourself because you want to lead her to a good life as every man should. Her love will ease out a hard days work, and will make you take up interesting hobbies due to day to day activities of spending time with her. Thank her for this. Or maybe you have a child. Loving the child will make you want to be more successful in your career because of the intrinsic nature to make more income to provide. Having a child will also force you to take up new hobbies such as perhaps cooking for them,  going out for bike riding, or whatever it may be. This way you will spend more time with your kid and your life will improve as a result thereof. That being said, give your best effort to love, live and interact happily among the people in your life. However don’t make it all about them , think about how these people can positively impact your life. Passionately interacting with others will make your career and hobbies more interesting and thus making you more interesting, bringing more positive people into your life.





      Adopting and cultivating interesting hobbies is something every man should already be doing. However once you set out on doing so, Do not half ass whatever you are doing. Do not pick up a skill and do it here and there, aim to try practicing it at least an hour a day. Also keep in mind you do not have to kill yourself over whatever hobby it is you are pursuing that will again make the triangle unbalanced. If you enjoy going to the gym but you go spend 4 hours a day at the gym, you will never have time to spend with others and you will have no sufficient energy to push forward in your career. Progress little by little everyday and this will keep you consistent. Consistency is what brings results. Also choose a hobby that is interesting, you will be more passionate as a result. Something that makes life less mundane, adds a refreshing breath to your daily life, and makes you want to improve the person that you are. Your passion in your hobbies shines when you want to learn more and more about a particular skill or craft. Make it a mission to learn one thing everyday. You will be a more positive person as a result.

    The hobbies you choose to indulge in also should benefit every part of your life. I will be using the example of learning a new language. Use this hobby to perhaps go out and make new friends who speak the language. Once mastered you will be opened up to new career options, and stand out more to employers. Doing this also gives you opportunities to improve the quality of the language you learned. As you can see, the triangle again is in balance, you’ve kept in mind how cultivating a hobby can improve the relationships in your life and your career and in doing so gives you opportunities to polish your skill.  


Life/Career Aspirations


     This is the area of the triangle that everyone seems to be obsessed with. We see millions of people grinding and hustling  everyday to work towards their goals. And while this isn’t a bad thing, if you aren’t focused on how your career and or Life aspirations can impact the other areas of your life, you will be passionless and miserable. Choose a Career that highlights who you are, if that means sacrificing a few things, then fuck it, it must be done. If your career goal is to become  a small business owner think about how you can improve your life. Let’s say you are an owner of an independent coffee shop, think about how this can improve other aspects of your life. It can improve relationships by bringing in more income, improving your family’s life. You can invite friends over to gather at your coffee shop and offer them perhaps a discount. You can hire a friend or family member to work with you, thus teaching them and adding value to their life. Regarding Hobbies, perhaps a hobby you have is Music. Hold an open mic at your coffee shop where you can listen to songs and perform some as well. You might meet new musicians which expands your relationships and social circle, and it will help with your hobbies because you can learn a thing or two from others who have the same hobby.





     Passion is something everybody is capable of having. Become passionate in your hobbies, relationships and career goals and your life will exponentially improve. One last tip to be more passionate is to live freely and don’t get too worked up over what you are doing. Take my advice with a grain of salt and seek to improve each area of your life. Go out there, meet new people, learn new skills and discover your career goals. Live the best damn life you possibly can and do it with full heart. I bid you all good luck!


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