7 Killer Ways To Stay Motivated (Secret to Success)

           7 ways to stay Motivated

       (A secret for success)

By Nimar Nasir

         What I’ve noticed more and more is that many men are setting ambitious goals, which is great. However, there is a trend that is becoming evident. These men set out to achieve certain things but somewhere along the way they give up, they lost their drive, eventually they grow comfortable and that passion they had to achieve withers away. Let me tell you something, the greatest benefactor for success does not come from simply working hard. You need resilience. What ignites resilience and what is essentially rocket fuel for success is motivation. A man without motivation is like a car without gas, he is not going anywhere, he will forever be stagnant. If you are someone who puts his goals beside them because you cannot stay focused well it isn’t that hard to keep that fire alive. Here are 8 tactics to boost your motivation so you are sure you are ready to kick some ass everyday!   

  1. Visualization

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Visualization is great because you can do it anywhere at any given time. This is the act of imagining your success to the very last detail. If your goal is to get a jacked physique, imagine yourself perhaps at the beach, taking your shirt off, with the sun hitting your rippling muscles. Maybe your goal is to finally ask your boss for that raise. Imagine walking up to your boss, asking for that raise and him saying yes, imaging how better off you or your family might be from the extra income. See, most of the time our mind is what is holding us back. We create obstacles by telling ourselves stuff like“You can’t start a business, it’s too hard” or “You can’t ask out that girl because she will say no”. As a result, we lack the motivation to go out and achieve these things because we’ve brainwashed ourselves into thinking that we cannot attain what we have. By simply imagining that YOU CAN do it, and that it  WILL happen, you envision your success, and become hungry to attain what you want.

     Another way to practice visualization is to create a dream board. A dream board is any physical display of what goals you want to achieve.  I would recommend putting pictures and posters on the wall next to your bed in order to reap the most benefits. Consider you want to learn an instrument, perhaps the guitar. Put pictures on the wall of famous guitarists, that way everyday you wake up, and everynight you go to bed, those pictures will be the first and last thing you see. You will have a constant reminder of your goal, and hence this will keep you more motivated.

2) Take a Different Approach

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       If you are beginning to lose motivation in whatever journey you are embarking on, then it is time to start taking a different approach. If you fail with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, then do not simply just get back on track, that road will lead you down only to the path of failure once again. Start looking at different solutions, different ways you can approach whatever it is you are trying to succeed. For instance, say you are trying to pass an exam and you get the results and you fail. You will need to reconsider how it is you are studying. You lose motivation and hope and give up. If you’ve been studying at home, re reading notes for example, perhaps that isn’t working for you. Switch up your study habits, try going to the library, and instead of bleeding through powerpoints studying notes, create a test for yourself and take it, or ask a friend or family member to help quiz you. Getting out of your habits and routine will refresh you and it will be better motivation instead of blindly doing the same work you’ve been doing before.

     The same technique can be applied to your fitness plan. If you’ve been following the same workout routine and aren’t seeing any progress, switch it up. Try new movements and workouts that will shock your body. Perhaps try working out with a friend, or if you already do, consider working out alone. Remember, the road to your goals isn’t a straight path, you will need to take different turns along the way.

3) Meditation

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   Personally, I lose motivation when I’m feeling tired ,stressed and lazy. I’d love nothing more than to skip the gym or not go to work. During times like these, I like to sit back and Meditate. Regular meditation has a myriad of benefits including increasing motivation. Whenever you tell yourself you want to skip the gym, or you want to cut loose from your diet and ea that slice of chocolate cake, meditate. Whenever you are stressed and not the least bit motivated, Meditate. There are plenty of ways to approach this. As for myself, I choose to meditate for 20 min every morning. It clears my head and gets rid of any of those voices that tells me to give up. Post meditation, you will feel more invigorated and supercharged. You will be ready to take on the day. On that note if you feel fatigued or overworked, take a step back, Forget about the world, clear your head and meditate. I promise you will feel 100% better afterwards and ready to take the world by force.

4) Motivational Videos/ Speeches  

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      The use of Motivational Videos and or Speeches is a surefire way to recharge your drive and motivation. There are literally hundreds of videos on the internet that were designed for people to watch when they feel like quitting, giving up, or do not have the energy to get up and go after their goals. All you have to do is put your headphones in, close your eyes and have the speaker’s motivational words inspire you. In fact this tactic is used virtually by everyone. This is why many schools, sports teams, and even prison systems call in guest speakers. It is their way of instilling motivation into whoever might need it. Try this experiment, right before you work out, go to school, or even your job, take a few minutes to watch a motivational video. Take note of how it makes you feel, I have no doubt you will feel way more motivated and inspired than you were prior to watching the video.  

5) Tell others about your goals

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           Whether it be a family member, a friend, significant other, or even your boss, sharing your goals is a powerful tool to keep yourself on the path to success. Assume you plan on learning how to cook, and you tell one of your closest pals that this is your goal. Sharing this piece of information will push you to try harder and harder because you want to show your friend that you stuck to you goal. This might be a form of external validation, however it will keep you on track. Perhaps you can even plan to hold a dinner with all of your friends. That way you are damn sure you learn how to cook. This is also what brings me to point #6.

6) Set a Deadline   

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Applying a deadline to whatever it is you are trying to achieve will motivate you much more than not having a deadline. If you are working and working without a deadline, then you can slack off and take your sweet old time because there is no sense of urgency. Plan something that is also applicable to whatever goal you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to run more, sign up for a marathon. If you want a great physique, plan a beach day.  If you want to learn a new language, plan a trip to the country to where that language is native. Setting a deadline provides you with a sense or urgency that will make you itch to achieve whatever it is you might want.

7) Remind yourself why you started   

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Nobody is perfect, life kicks our ass, we want to give up, quit, stop trying and leave all of our hard work behind. We don’t want to get up and go for that run, study for that test, we tell ourselves that we have had enough, that we are tired of the grind. During times like these, the loss of motivation is cured by reminding yourself WHY THE FUCK YOU STARTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Have a reason for why you chose to do what you wanted to do. Without it you are chasing something that isn’t there. You want to gain muscle because you were bullied growing up? Well let that fuel you, let the hunger grow and remind yourself this is why you started this journey. Want to create your own business because you are sick and tired of having your superiors at work boss you around and drain the life out of you well then get the fuck to work and when you want to quit, when it gets too hard give yourself that reminder. Tell yourself you do not want to go back to how things were. You are striving for a reason, keep that reason in your head. Write it down every morning. Say it to yourself when you go to bed at night. Gain a mentality that refuses to quit. Giving yourself a reason to get up everyday and FIGHT is what separates the weak from the strong, the boys from the men. You think the 300 Spartans woke up and fought everyday for no reason? No they had loved ones to protect, a band of brothers they would give their life to. In the heat of battle they never quit because it “Got too hard” or “They were too tired”. They had constant reminder of why they went out to war, and it tormented them and kept them pushing no matter how difficult it became. Adopt this mindset and the world is yours for the taking. Your motivation and hunger and fuel will skyrocket and NOTHING will be able to stop you.  


    Remember, the road to success is paved with many hills. You will fall. During these times it is easy to give up. It seems comforting, it seems like the only option. When you are on the brink of giving up, you need nothing more than motivation to keep you going. You do not have to be smart enough, big enough, talented enough. You just have to keep yourself motivated and full of enough spark to keep your engine running. What I want you guys to do instead of complaining, whining and bitching when things aren’t going your way is to use these tactics to make yourself become unstoppable. Motivate yourself everyday and the hard work will not seem hard anymore. Have a great fucking day.

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