Three Ways We Can Be Happier From Exercise

By Nimar Nasir

Men in the modern world have become very comfortable with allowing their bodies to develop without the use of physical conditioning. We have seen this with the rise of the Dad Bod, many men have given up with striving to achieve physical perfection. This is one of the reasons why we have seen an increase of men suffering with bouts of depression and anxiety. This is also why in today’s society we have seen men acting like complete little bitches. What many individuals may not realize is that being Physically in shape will make you feel better mentally. Meaning working out can mean a more positive and happy you. Here are three ways in which Exercising can improve our moods.
1) Working out releases endorphins and dopamine in the brain
Endorphins and dopamine are neurotransmitters in your body that are responsible for giving you a feeling of euphoria. In other words, these neurotransmitters are what make you feel good. Working out has been shown to
increase the production and release of these two chemicals.
Consider you have had a rough day. You are stressed out, tired, and want nothing more to curl up in your bed and devour an entire tub of chocolate ice cream and binge watch your favorite netflix show Until you fall into a coma . A healthy alternative to this is to get active. Lifting weights or going for a run are two of the best ways you can release these neuroreceptors. There is no doubt that following the workout, you will be more likely to feel more energized, less stressed and witness a positive increase to your mood.
Anytime I feel down, or don’t have the usual pep in my step, I make it my priority to hit the gym and squat heavy ass weight, or run a few miles to battle off that stress.

2) Working out Boosts testosterone
Men with low testosterone levels are shown to have an increase in symptoms such as depression and anxiety. It has been proven that working out, Mainly strength training has increased testosterone in men. In order to boost testosterone through weight training , you must do compound movement workouts, or exercises that work more than one muscle, such as squats or deadlifts.
Many benefits of high testosterone include increased libido , increased muscle mass , and the ability to lose fat faster. I will go more in depth about this in reason #3.
3) Exercising regularly Improves confidence and self esteem

Most problems that stand in the way of men feeling as happy and positive as they could be, is deeply rooted in their confidence and self esteem . Lack of both or either one can cause a man to question his competence , therefore making him anxious and depressed . Anyone who’s lost a significant amount of weight or packed on pounds of muscle understand that along with the physical change , mentally you will feel better about yourself . Just the mere fact that you put in the hard work , and made the sacrifices to be where you are l, skyrockets your confidence. Start working out for yourself , in order to improve your body image , and mentally you will reap all the rewards .


Many men have given up and or lost the ambition to look after themselves physically . They’ve let there bodies get fat , pudgy , and almost feminine . What separates men and women is the fact that men were given the potential to have strong , hard , and muscular bodies . In today’s world, there has been an increase of men who have suffered with numerous mental hardships , depression and anxiety to name a few. Working out will help men feel much better about themselves ,increase their self image and naturally bring positive vibes and happiness to their lives.
So stop complaining about how your life is terrible , stop complaining about how sad you are , and go out and work . It can start as small as taking a walk in the park to as intense as cleaning 500 lbs. Just realize
Nothing is handed down to you and everything is earned , if you want to be happy , go ahead and put the effort in.

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